Protect lips with a beeswax barrier, nourish with natural oils and treat with active ingredients – propolis, honey, vitamin E and essential oils. You are not buying a base mix with different flavours. Each balm has its own character – lip feel, aroma and colour. Check the chart below – more beeswax makes a firmer balm.

How much beeswax is in each balm?

More wax means a firmer balm which will stay put longer to resist the elements. Less wax gives a softer balm, smooth on the lips, easier to apply.

  •   Original 40%
  • West Country 32.5%
  • Unscented 28%
  • Mint Choc 25%
  • Lemon & Ginger 24%
  • Lime & Coconut 21.5%
  • Rose 21.5%
  • Luxury 21.5%

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