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November is about...

Bonfires, cider and apple crumbles

From the beekeeper

“It’s a quiet time of year for the bees during hibernation. Time for maintenance jobs – making hives and cleaning equipment”

News in Brief

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Winter Skin Protection

In true rural Dorset fashion, we tend to use whatever’s at hand when we need a bit of skin protection. Mark's been applying Natural Beeswax Polish (we call it NBP), which rapidly did the trick in healing up sores on his gnarled hands - the result of working our C17th...

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Surviving Apple Harvest

We’re about to start in the orchard on the last job of the year.  The bees are all fed and sorted for winter, so we turn our efforts to harvesting the cider apples.  Before we can get going, the barns have to be cleared and cleaned, the harvesting equipment repaired...

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Art at Filberts Barn

Our resident artist Suzy Moger is once again bringing her paintings to Filberts Barn in Uploders. Dorset Arts Weeks span the last week of May and into the beginning of June and offer a great way to see Dorset and meet some interesting creative folk along the way. This year’s event is from 26th May to 10th June.

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Courses at Twinways Orchard

Ever thought you’d like to know more about beekeeping? This year we’ll be launching a great new series of courses with Mark at Twinways Orchard.

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Next Full Moon








What we’re making and packing this month

Candles rolled

Lip Balms

Cider Apple Harvesting


Autumn bee forage in gardens and hedgerows - Ivy

Bee colonies fed for the winter

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