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May is about...

Hydrating your skin for summer

From the beekeeper

“Rearing new queens. Bees are pollinating fruit trees.”

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Art at Filberts Barn

Our resident artist Suzy Moger is once again bringing her paintings to Filberts Barn in Uploders. Dorset Arts Weeks span the last week of May and into the beginning of June and offer a great way to see Dorset and meet some interesting creative folk along the way. This year’s event is from 26th May to 10th June.

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Courses at Twinways Orchard

Ever thought you’d like to know more about beekeeping? This year we’ll be launching a great new series of courses with Mark at Twinways Orchard.

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Barnes Night

Dorset poet William Barnes (1801-1886) is celebrated annually by a bunch of local enthusiasts. Held in a cider shed in the depths of West Dorset a group of idiosyncratic Westcountry folk spend an evening of music, food, cider, songs and poetry. The words of Barnes’ poetry is recited in the Dorset dialect of his era. Have a look of this little video of Mark doing his best wurzel…

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Twinways Wassail!

A peculiar orchard tradition with its routes in paganism comes alive each year at Twinways Orchard; we invited cider and orchard lovers to help us ward off evil spirits and to shore up our chances of a good apple yield later in the year.

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Summer Solstice

Thursday, 21st June

What we’re making and packing during May

by hand, every week

Lip Balm


Filberts Candle Rolling Demo

 Spring forage for bees in gardens and hedgerows

  • Cider orchards, fruit tree blossom, hawthorn 60%
  • Pulmonaria, cowslips, dead nettle, tulips, broom 40%

Kilos of beeswax extracted & cleaned

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