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Beekeeping facts, flowers in bloom and outdoors living.

July is about...

camping, food festivals and long evenings

From the beekeeper

“New queens are hatching. We’ve extracted (and sold) our first honey of the season.”

News in Brief

Bees, the outdoors and natural living. There’s more in the archives »

Making a linocut for our new greetings cards

Read how Suzy Moger, local painter and printmaker, designed the new Filberts Lino Print Greetings Card. From initial sketches, to carving the lino, and printing the final piece, here's Suzy's story of how it was made. We decided that a linocut would be a great place...

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In the production barn today

This morning we made a batch of Lemon and Geranium Body Butter. As we are heading into Autumn and the weather cools I find my skin is drier and in need of a little extra care, so I’ve started using a little body butter on my face (when it's still damp) as a soothing...

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Making Muscle Rub

We've been making muscle rub today and one of the essential oils in the recipe is Yarrow (achillea millefolium) which is a gorgeous deep blue colour, because its composition is up to 51% azulene. Richard Mabey in The Complete New Herbal writes: "Its Latin name is...

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Late Summer Flowers

The cold spell in June meant that summer flowers are a bit later this season – it’s September but the bees are still feeding on golden rod and myrtle, usually finished by the end of August in Dorset. Michaelmas daisy is late, but that means there is still something to...

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Countdown to Melplash Show, Bridport








What we’re making in July

by hand, making every week, with 100% natural ingredients

Natural Lip Balms

Natural Beeswax Polishes

Bumblebee feeding on a snapdragon

There are bees everywhere!

  • Garden flowers – buddleia, sages, roses, myrtle 20%
  • In the veg plot & forage strips – beans, peas, marjoram, chives, pot marigold, fennel 30%
  • In fields and hedges – brambles, balsam, field-grown bee forage – phacelia, buckwheat, clover 50%

nucs (new colonies) set up this month

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