Raw Dorset Honey



Raw Dorset Honey from our hives and extracted in small batches to preserve the unique flavours and textures of each of our apiary sites.

If you’re not familiar with the term “Raw Honey”, this is unpasteurized, coarsely filtered honey spun off at room temperature. The unprocessed nature of the honey not only preserves the differences in taste and consistency, but also its beneficial wholesome qualities. Our raw honey may contain some pollen, propolis  and small particles of wax.

Pick from a specific site…

Chilcombe: From a windswept rural site overlooking the Bride Valley and the Chesil Beach

Pond Mead: From the hedgerows, fields and gardens of a small hamlet in the Asker river valley, just east of Bridport

South Eggardon: From chalk downland beside the ancient hill fort of Eggardon, with views over Lyme Bay

Woodpecker Alley: From a spinney above a cider farm in Melplash. A favourite pastime of Green Woodpeckers is trying to break into the hives to eat the bees and their brood.  The site produces lovely honey, so it’s worth keeping a close eye on the hives to make sure we’re keeping the woodpeckers out.


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