Seeds for Bees – Catmint


This neat variety of Catmint (Nepeta Mussinii) is a hardy perenial which grows to a height of 30-45cm. Popular with bees, gardeners and cats alike, these nectar rich plants form small clumps of grey-green foliage with lavender-blue flowers, which can last from May until September. The foliage acts as great ground cover and releases an aroma, especially when crushed.



Grow your own catmint with the Nepeta Mussinii seeds. With it’s long flowering season, this hardy perennial is very popular with pollinating insects, gardeners and cats alike. This neat variety of catmint forms clumps of grey-green foliage and a profusion of nectar rich, lavender-blue flowers. The aromatic foliage acts as ground cover when more tightly planted and the plants can be used to line paths or as a low growing companion to roses. This plant can also be harvested; you may want to make catnip toy (see our Catnip Kit – Craft & Garden) or a few sprigs infused in boiling water makes a lovely tea that some find calming. Nepeta Mussinii grows to a height of between 30 and 45cm. Sow thinly (every 2cm) in trays from April until early June. Plant out 10cm apart in a sunny spot with well drained soil once they have formed their first pair of true leaves.

Contains approximately 300 seeds.

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