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Here you can get access to Filberts of Dorset brand, product and lifestyle images (lo-res and hi-res). There’s also ‘about us’ text and links to videos on our YouTube channel. If there’s anything else you need, get in touch or visit our press page to see national and local press coverage.

About Filberts

The following text can be used to help promote Filberts of Dorset on your website and marketing collateral.


Filberts of Dorset makes functional beeswax products with a quirky sense of style for those that love a natural way of living. Born from a love of the land and a desire to make a living from it, Filberts has grown from three generations of British farmers.

Filberts products do not contain synthetic colourings or fragrances, artificial preservatives, parabens, phthalates or mineral oils. They are concentrated, nourishing oil-based blends that contain no water.  All balms and salves are made by hand in Dorset.

Product Images

Lo-res images

Lo-res, web ready images can be downloaded direct from each product page. In most browsers (including Google Chrome), right-click on the image and select ‘Save Image As’. This lets you save the image on your desktop and upload to your website. Images are 500 x 500px from 1 – 8KB, as jpeg files.

Hi-res images for print

Download from Dropbox – email freya@filbertsofdorset.co.uk to request access.

Lifestyle Photos

Click images below to download lo-res versions (or visit Dropbox for both lo-res and hi-res images – email freya@filbertsofdorset.co.uk to request access).

Eggardon, Dorset (1920 x 500px, 1009KB jpeg)

Harvest Time (1920 x 500px, 1MB jpeg)


Click on image below to download lo-res logo (150 x 150px, 5.32KB jpeg). Get hi-res logo (3000 x 3000px, 2.76 MB jpeg) from Dropbox – email freya@filbertsofdorset.co.uk to request access.



Visit our YouTube channel for more videos.


Click images below to download lo-res images. Get hi-res versions from Dropbox – email freya@filbertsofdorset.co.uk to request access.

Nuts and Leaves (709 × 472px, 148KB jpeg)

Small Hive (591 × 472px, 63KB jpeg)

Flying Bee (215 × 232px, 36KB jpeg)

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