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August is about...

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“Time for honey extraction”

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Colours of pollen

Pollen colour is one of the variables that affects the colour of our balms, salves, butters and polishes. Discover more about where your local bees are foraging with our new simple pollen guide, included in our Bee Garden Kit-in-a-card.

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Natural beeswax balms made in Dorset

Our balms, salves and butters are free from water and do not contain synthetic colourings or fragrances, artificial preservatives, parabens, phthalates or mineral oils. They are concentrated, nourishing oil-based blends.

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Beeswax food wraps

When it's cold outside, we like to spend a bit of time indoors experimenting with new products. Suzy has trialled and adapted our new kits for making beeswax food wraps. We've put together some clear instructions and you can make 3 wraps from each kit.  NEW Food Wrap...

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Lemon and Ginger in tea and lip balm

Time to look after yourself with some Lemon and ginger winter Tea - best made in a teapot, but if you haven't one to hand, make it in a jug covered with a small plate to keep the tea warm while it brews. Warm the pot or jug first, then add the Juice of one lemon, some...

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Melplash Agricultural Show, Dorset








What we’re making and packing this month

Beeswax Balms for the National Portrait Gallery Company

Beeswax candles

Extracting honey


Bee forage in the hedgerow - brambles, clovers, corn marigold, Old Man's Beard, rosebay willowherb, meadowsweet


borage, geraniums, sages, honeysuckle, mallow, buddleia, myrtle, hebe, marjoram, verbena, abelia

Bee colonies to inspect

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