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We supply heritage sites, independent gift shops, galleries, museums large and small, farm and eco shops, trusts and charities across the UK. Twelve years on from starting out, we know our customers value ethically-produced goods made with a respect for the planet. Their choices are not driven by large brand marketing or discounts, they seek natural and hand-made at a sensible price. They appreciate the story of a successful small business, grounded in the British countryside. Read more on the History & Story page.

Labour is the largest cost element in all of our hand made products and we pay at least the UK National Living Wage. For this reason, we do not offer discounts or “cost savings” for larger quantities, as the unit price is not lower. We are fortunate to supply a number of large, charitable associations, which run ethical purchasing practices. We sell at the same price and conditions to all trade customers, large or small.

Beekeeping is at the heart of our business.  We make no claims to donate 3% or 10% of our profits to charity.  Filberts of Dorset supports our main business of beekeeping, in which we invest every year.

We welcome new wholesale enquiries. Please get in touch at to request a trade price list, samples or information. 

Trade Product List

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How we work

  • As beekeepers, it is in our interest to consider the environmental impact of all we do, buy and use.
  • Our History & Story page sets out our values regarding ingredients and production.
  • On a daily basis, we aim to reduce, reuse and recycle, be it building a barn or making a balm
  • We sort waste, re-use packaging, recycle glass, aluminium and plastic packaging.
  • We pour our balms, salves and polishes into UK-made aluminium or steel tins. These can be reused or recycled.
  • Our kraft boxes (for kits, gifts and POS use) are made in the south west of England with recycled pulp.
  • Gift wraps, cards, POS standups, tags and labels are printed within our region, on recycled material or within the FSC or UK Woodland Carbon Code.
  • Our packaging materials are in line with the standards required for COSMOS certification – aluminium, paperboard, polyethylene (tin lid liners) and PET honey jars.
  • We’ve almost completed the shift from plastic to paper for all our product labelling. 

What we offer

  • Ethically-made products, made and packed by us in Dorset – skincare, gift, craft, home, garden 
  • An established artisan range with 10 years of UK-wide exposure
  • A strong story and ongoing narrative about the producer/maker
  • Branded point of sale boxes, stand-ups, postcards; access to digital images and videos
  • Swap scheme to return unsold goods as part of a re-order
  • Free trade samples and free testers on most products purchased for first order
  • Minimum order £60 exc VAT, low carriage rates on top up orders (up to 2kg weight)

Unique products for you

We work with a small number of partners to produce white labelled or joint-branded bespoke salves, lip balms or household polishes.  With your own beeswax, vegetable oils or essential oils, we can create unique new products under your brand.  Let us know if you have something in mind.

Need Images?

Visit the media page to download lo-res and hi-res brand, product and lifestyle images, and find links to our videos. You’ll also find text about Filberts of Dorset for use in press releases, social media and on your website.

To discuss our products, receive a sample pack, trade price list or place an order, contact 

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