Bee Garden Kit


Three packets of seed, three wooden marker sticks, ideas about making a bee friendly garden and a pocket pollen colour guide.

Easy to grow annuals: Phacelia (blue), mixed Cornfield annuals   

and mixed herbs (marigold, borage and cornflower).

Fill up gaps or make some colourful pots with flowers to feed bees.

Bar Code 5060196411092


Make a bee garden.  Great gift for gardeners just starting out, or even people with just a balcony and space for pots of flowers.  Easy-to-grow flowers which will be visited by bees and other pollinators.  A colourful mix of varieties to bring a splash of colour.  For keen gardeners, the pollen guide will be of interest.  The seeds will grow quickly to fill empty patches in an established garden.

Take a look at bees gathering pollen


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