Raw Dorset Honey


Raw Dorset Honey from our hives and extracted in small batches to preserve the unique flavours and textures of each of our apiary sites.

If you’re not familiar with the term “Raw Honey”, this is unpasteurized, coarsely filtered honey spun off at room temperature. The unprocessed nature of the honey not only preserves the differences in taste and consistency, but also its beneficial wholesome qualities. Our raw honey may contain some pollen, propolis and small particles of wax. Due to the way that the honey is extracted, it has a tendency to set, although the amount of time it takes to do so and the final consistency varies according to what the bees have been feeding on. Some remain very soft and creamy, some are granulated while others become very firm.

Currently available…

Twinways Spinney: with ready access to our own and our neighbours Spring gardens in Melplash, near Bridport. Very strong in flavour with plenty of depth. Currently Runny.


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