Propolis Salve


The gaffer tape of the bee world, propolis works just as hard at holding us together as it does hives. Long used by herbalists the world over and reputed for its healthy properties. We’ve combined propolis with vitamin E, honey, sunflower and hemp oils for a salve perfect for cuts, grazes and broken skin. Think of it as a spot of bee magic!

HOW TO USE Customers have come back to tell us how helpful our Propolis Salve is with eczema – it keeps the skin hydrated and soothes sore skin. Parents have used it successfully to ease eczema in young children. PS: it’s alcohol free, as we infuse our propolis in oil. Just use the salve on a small patch of skin first, to test for any reaction if your skin tends to be sensitive. Apply a little to the skin, let it warm a little and gently rub in like an ointment.

INGREDIENTS Sunflower oil, beeswax, rapeseed oil, hemp oil, honey, vitamin E, propolis.

7.4g & 24g tin

7.4g tin Bar Code 5060196410217

24g tin Bar Code 5060196410224



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