Took a bit of West Dorset to West London with our harvest loaf baked by Leaker’s of Bridport – it had pride of place on our tradeshow stand in West London last week.  Like to keep Dorset on the map.  Customers were a bit surprised when we gave out apples (as we don’t sell these) and tickled us a bit by asking “are they real?” But then, most stands are giving out leaflets, so a real apple is a bit different.  Actually they were Early Windsors from Elwell Fruit Farm – went down very well.  The harvest sheaf weighed in at 3.5kg and we ran a competition to guess the weight – a lucky customer down in Cornwall won £100 of Filberts products.  We’ll be over in Devon next week (Sat 27th) at the Guild of Craftsmen in Bovey Tracey, demonstrating the art of lip balm making.

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