Dandelions tend to be labelled as bad guys in the gardening world and we sometimes take a pot of dandelion flowers along to shows to get talking about how dandelion honey tastes so good.  Our pics were taken some years ago by Freya in the wilds of Dorset, in a remote field which produces lovely dandelion honey.  OK, I do dig up the occasional dandelion in a flower border, but I leave them around the edges of the garden and in the lawn.  Here in Dorset, along with pussy willow and blackthorn, dandelions are an important source of pollen and nectar.

Anyway, the good news is that The Guardian newspaper has written a great article on the benefits of the maligned dandelion … thanks to Kate Bradbury!  So, raise the cutting blade on the mower, hold back on the weedkiller and enjoy the sights and sounds of bees in your garden.  Read the article here TheGuardianDandelions

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