We’ve been making muscle rub today and one of the essential oils in the recipe is Yarrow (achillea millefolium) which is a gorgeous deep blue colour, because its composition is up to 51% azulene.

Richard Mabey in The Complete New Herbal writes:

“Its Latin name is derived from a legend that Achilles used yarrow’s wound-healing powers on his men…Yarrow has anti-inflammatory properties … We know that both cyanidin and azulene are anti-inflammatory…This may account for the folk use of yarrow in treating rheumatism.”

Filberts Muscle Rub is low in wax and rich in avocado oil making it great to massage into aching muscles. The production room smelled like a wonderful old apothecary shop this morning with the scents of cedar wood, frankincense, clary sage, thyme and yarrow.

Here are some pictures.

fullsizerender_1-1        Making muscle rub at Filberts

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