Dorset is looking rather lovely at the moment. The bluebells are putting on a spectacular show and our local orchards are now coming into bloom. This means, having removed feeders and split strong hives earlier in the Spring, we’ve been busy moving our bee hives from their sheltered Winter locations.  It’s time for them to move to cider and pear orchards where they are needed for pollination duties.

Kicking off our ‘show season’ this year was the ever popular ‘Knob Throwing Festival’ followed by a successful Dorset Farmers Market in Bridport last weekend.  Our single site, raw Honey continues to surprise visitors with its unique flavours. 

With lots of light showers earlier this month, it seemed like the perfect time to get some bee forage in the ground at Twinways Orchard. It’s important that, when the apple blossom is over, there will be plenty to keep the girls busy. As the bulbs take shape and lavender and rosemary shrubs get a good soaking, our lovely mix of Filberts seeds have now been given a fab start. Looking forward to seeing what it attracts later in the year!

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