Pruning is now underway whenever the weather lets us, the fruit bud looks strong this year and although the temperature is quite high for the season they are still very hard so will be a while before they start moving up and softening.

More mixed weather this week has made getting out to the hives difficult.  I’m really keen to get out and about with some fondant to make sure everyone has plenty to eat until the spring blooms properly come into play.  Now is also the time to try and take stock of what’s made it through the winter and what we’ll have strong enough for pollination.

A couple of trees have lost their tops in the spinny above where the queen shed is going so they’ll have to come down before the shed goes up, hopefully that should protect both the bees and the rest of the trees in the spinny as well as our blackcurrant bushes.  Once the weather does come right there will be plenty to do.  I’m so glad that the days are drawing out again!

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